De-stressing after a challenging day at work.

Hi, this is your chance to tell me what works for you after a stressful day at work.

Share your well tried techniques with others. I won’t write anything until I hear from you, so enjoy sharing your ideas.

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To get you started my 3 favourite ways of  kicking off stress would be (no particular order)

  1. Racket ball. Thrashing a piece of rubber around a court for an hour works well.
  2. Having a good stretch always makes me feel better…
  3. Wine. Big fan of Italian wines.

If I ruled the world…

The British Wheel of Yoga.

There’s a thought for you. Let me begin by saying that I’ve always felt that my training was excellent, giving a good grounding in yoga principles. Also when I have contacted head office for help and advice they were very helpful. So much for the pluses…



Just done my first website in WordPress. I’ve always enjoyed doing my own sites from scratch. When I first said I wanted to build a site someone gave me a copy of Dreamweaver. I loaded it up, full of enthusiasm. As soon as it appeared on screen I knew it had to be abandoned asap. Far too complicated. (more…)