What should I wear for a class?

Wear something comfortable and modest. You’ll be bending and twisting so comfort is number one consideration.

What sort of yoga do you do? 

99% of yoga classes in the UK today are Hatha Yoga classes. If you are using your body and doing postures, you are doing Hatha Yoga. The rest is mostly marketing.

Are you qualified?

Yes, I’m a fully insured teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. I’m also a qualified yoga therapist.

I feel I’m too stiff to do yoga. Is it worth doing?

Everyone in class just works to their own ability. You’ll never be forced to do something that could cause injury, it’s not a roller coaster ride. I’ll encourage you to work with ease and mindfulness. Yoga can help you loosen up a little and become a little more flexible.

Can I give up going to the gym if I do yoga?

Yoga is not an exercise class. Keep doing your Zumba, running, cycling, walking, whatever keeps you fit. In yoga class you will learn how to maintain your body for more activity, how to relax and, hopefully, how to enjoy life a little more.

 How often do I need to do yoga?

Once a week is a minimum. Yoga works best when done regularly. Once you are up and running I will encourage you to do some yoga at home. Even a regular ten minute session can be very beneficial.

I call it grittiness, the ability to keep up to a task with regularity. How often do you clean your teeth?  That’s grittiness!

Where in Leeds are you classes?

My classes in Leeds are in Beeston and Colton.



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