10 tips how to become a yoga student for life.

10 tips how to become a yoga student for life.

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  • If you are not sure about your health then seek medical advice. Can you get down onto the floor and get back up again? Constant pain is not normal and needs to be checked out.
  • Are you sure you can get to every, or most, weeks? takes dedication and commitment to get the most benefits. Be honest with yourself.
  • Go online and have a proper good snoop. What classes are near you? Is the teacher qualified? What do others say it’s all about? Contact people. Visit a bookshop or library.
  • Are you doing some form of exercise, walking, jogging, racket sports, swimming etc? Yoga is not a fitness regime. It can help your other activities but it is not a substitute. Get moving!
  • Find out about and what it could do for you. Keep an open mind; it’s the easiest and at the same time hardest thing to do. It’s always a challenge but can provide excellent rewards. Look them up. Yoga is about taking responsibility, it’s not a soft option!
  • Wear sensible and modest clothing when you turn up to a class. You will be bending over, inverting, stretching. Bits can pop out if you are not covered correctly. Save it for the beach/bedroom.
  • Don’t worry about breaking wind, we all have incidents. It shows the yoga is working. We do the wind relieving posture for goodness sake.
  • Engage with the other class members or you will miss out on the best part of yoga. Come out of your bubble, you’ll find yoga students to be both knowledgeable about yoga and wise about life. They usually have a good sense of humour.
  • Try not to eat before class and go easy on the fluids. Think about bending forward and you’ll get the picture.
  • Remember no matter what anyone tells you, if you are doing using your body (99% of yoga in UK) you are doing a form of Yoga. It might be called something else but it is a form of Hatha Yoga. Say it out loud before you ask me what sort of yoga I do. What sort do you know? There now…
Garforth Net – Seated Yoga Group

Garforth Net – Seated Yoga Group

Hi, just thought people might like to see some of the things we do in seated yoga. We work with exactly the same attitude that we use in all yoga, working mindfully with attention to the breath. We only do what we can on that day, we accept our limitations and do not work with any pain…. We do a mixture of stretching, sharing tales about what life can throw at us, mixed with mindfulness practices and breathwork. If you have any comments use the form at the end of this blog. You can also look on the contact page. Come and join us at Garforth Net.

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Hi everyone! We’re having a few mindful moments.