Had a great day in Manchester back in May at the Om Yoga Show. I bought a new mat for £25, a very rubbery mat, latex and biodegradable.

All good so far. If you nailed this mat to the wall you could easily do warrior pose standing on the wall, your feet would be going nowhere. You could wrap this mat around Louis Hamilton’s rear wheels and he would never leave the track at any speed.  Felt a bit jelly like to handle, sort of wobbly, wubbery. It is also a magnet for any dirt or dust that sticks to your feet, I’ve never had a muckier mat. So far so good.

Doing my practice at home I decided to do a seated forward bend, slid my left foot forward and suddenly the rubber was peeling off the mat to reveal the foam interior.



Ooops! Well , to me £25 is a lot of money so I was a bit miffed at this turn of events. I bought this mat from Yoga-mad so I thought I would let them know what had happened and see what their reaction would be….

First email.

Hi, Hope you are well.
I bought a mat from you at the Manchester Om yoga show. It is a Suregrip map and cost £25.
I have used it several times with no problems until last week. I was doing paschimottanasana. I moved my heel as I worked into the asana but the surface of the mat started to rip off the middle section of the mat. I have not been able to use the mat since then as the rip will get bigger as the latex peels off the backing material.
I can supply photo if necessary, my computer is being repaired at moment otherwise you would have photo now.

I am very disappointed with the performance of this mat and would like a replacement as the mat is not fit for purpose. Please advise as to next move.


Good morning,
Thank you for your email.
We are really sorry to hear about what has happened to the mat and this is not something that we have encountered with the SureGrip mat before.
Please could you forward on some images of the damage?
Kind regards,
2nd email.
Very wary of using the mat as things will only get worse.
Hi Roland,
Thank you for sending through the images.
We are very sorry that this has happened, we think that this must be part of a faulty batch.
Please let me know if you would like a replacement for the same mat or a different type of mat instead?
Kind regards,
3rd email
Hi Katie,

As a replacement could I swap the current mat for 


Could you let me know about returning mat and if there are any other costs involved.

Hi Roland,
I have now organised this for you, however before we post it as the replacement mat you have requested is cheaper than £25.00 you paid for your SureGrip mat there is a small amount of difference left over of £5.51
Would you like to add an extra item for this amount or would you like us to leave it as a credit on your account?
Kind regards,
4th email
Hi Katie, credit is fine.
Cheers, Fleck.
So, to me this is an example of excellent customer care. so many companies don’t reply to emails, don’t answer the phone or try and fob you off with bullshit. if you’re looking for yoga equipment I can recommend Yoga- mad.

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Also a big thank you to Katie!


New mat delivered Tuesday 16th September 2014. Thanks Yogamad.