The Impulse of Energy

In consulting with the finest engineers, psychologists, medical and scientific experts worldwide to ensure the best possible conditions for the world’s first entirely solar-powered airplane, the Solar Impulse, around the world in 2015, pilot André Borschberg turned to Sanjeev Bhanot, yoga teacher, practitioner, and facilitator for guidance and preparation as he and his partner, Bertrand Piccard, embark on their journey. 

As I marvel at the technological wonder that is the Solar Impulse, I am once again reminded of the beautiful synchronicity of things: Is it any surprise that the Solar Impulse and yoga’s Sun Salutation turn to the same energy source, the sun? That, after extensive research, yoga emerges – time and again – as the most comprehensive way for the pilots to prepare for this important mission?

While I know the benefits of yoga are as evident as the sun is hot, it’s the synchronicity of it all that fascinates me: Whether it’s the airplane or yoga, it all boils down to energy, and how we can use, sustain, and renew it as effectively as possible. And while the pilots can rely on the finest avant-garde technology to accomplish their mission, they seek guidance and knowledge based on one of the oldest practices known to Mankind… that of yoga.

The stark contrast between today’s technological expertise and the age-old practice of yoga could neither be sharper, nor could it be more fitting: Thousands of years on, yoga has not significantly changed in form – and that boils down to one simple fact: even today, yoga is a state-of-the-art technology for the human mind and body, enabling everyone who practices it to open the door to a formidable and renewable source of energy within.

As we work together, the conjunction of sun, yogic practice and new technologies is tremendously inspiring. As these gentlemen share with me the technological beauty and pioneering thought behind the Solar Impulse as it taps into the unfathomable power of the sun, I can teach them to be pioneers of their own mind and body. That exchange of knowledge, learning, and positive energy is enlightening – just like the sun, and in every sense of the word.

By teaching specific yogic practices, and using the programme we have specifically devised for their unique needs based on specific asanas and pranayamas, the pilots are going to be able to see first-hand that they already have an immense source of energy within. They just need to tap into it; through yoga, they will be able to do so, learning to use, preserve, and build peace of mind and body as they face the extreme emotional and physical demands that this journey will force upon them, be these severe temperature swings, boredom, anxiety, fatigue or muscle atrophy.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

In this endeavour, yoga highlights the beautiful syntony of energies: As we perform the Sun Salutation, we physically prostrate ourselves to the Sun, surrender completely to a higher energy. And in so doing, increase our vital power, courage, and conscious. Just as André told engineering graduates at this year’s ASU commencement speech that “every difficulty is a potential opportunity”, yoga will enable the pilots to find reprieve, energy and strength, no matter what the conditions. The same stands true for each of us: Through yoga, we can adapt our state of mind and body on a deeply profound level, be this in everyday life or in the face of the unknown.