Hi, just thought people might like to see some of the things we do in seated yoga. We work with exactly the same attitude that we use in all yoga, working mindfully with attention to the breath. We only do what we can on that day, we accept our limitations and do not work with any pain…. We do a mixture of stretching, sharing tales about what life can throw at us, mixed with mindfulness practices and breathwork. If you have any comments use the form at the end of this blog. You can also look on the contact page. Come and join us at Garforth Net.

How to safely do Knee dips, Tree, Knee stretches, and hand stretches.


Hi everyone! We’re having a few mindful moments.


If you are doing any balances like knee dips or tree, hold on to a chair to build your confidence.


Knee Dips Lift one foot off the floor. Start x 3 or less each side.


Dip on the supporting knee.


Tree Don’t forget the chair if you need more support.Here are some variations:-


Remember to smile!


As shown on here, resting your heel on your ankle is fine for an easy balance.  Try toes on toes for more of a challenge.


Knee Bends Support the leg as best you can.


As you breathe in, stretch out the leg in time with the breath. As you breathe out relax leg back to starting position ready to go again. Start x 3 each leg.


Shoulder rolls. Start with shoulders down.


As you breathe in roll both shoulders up to your ears and breathe out back to start. Remember to reverse direction.  Again, remember to smile!


You can of course do one shoulder at a time. Change direction after, say, three rotations. Use the same breathing pattern, up – in breath, down – out breath.


Hand Stretch Start with gentle fists.


As you breathe in start to stretch out your hands in time with your breath. As you start to breathe out curl up hand back to a gentle fist. Closing the eyes can help concentration.


In breath.


Out breath.


Goodbye from  Garforth Net.