Recently I asked students how they recovered after a hard, stressful day at work. Here are the seven best suggestions with some comments. It’s not a definitive list so feel free to add your own favourites or just let me know what works for you. The important thing is to share.

  1. Several people mentioned variations on the mindful breathing theme. We do this in class all the time so most people will have practised this way of  breathing from the diaphragm. Sit quietly and try it at home.
  2. The exercise brigade. I include myself in this. I love to thrash the hell out of a piece of rubber on the racketball court. I’ll chase that rubber ball all night and feel good afterwards. One person said they liked to lift “heavy” weights. not my choice but go for it. The gym works for some, running, swimming all excellent.
  3. Greenhouses and gardens were popular, even weeding. Can be combined with mindful breathing but gardens do it for many at this time of year.
  4. Going for a walk of any length, Pennine Way or around the block, it doesn’t matter. Get off the couch and go for a stroll, clear your head. If you walk regularly try a different route.
  5. Have a stretch, do some yoga and finish with five minutes of meditation, mindfulness. A morning session sets you up for a great day.
  6. Alcohol, prosecco in particular. Popular choice but not sustainable long term. About 15 years ago I did a taster class in Beeston. As students were leaving one woman declared loudly, “It’s only like having a bottle of wine.” It was meant as a put down because she wasn’t sweaty but I was proud, high praise indeed. How many bottles of wine has she consumed in the last fifteen years? If she’s had one for every yoga session I’ve done she will be well pickled by now.
  7. Mindful cooking. Too often we rush through our food preparation or bypass it completely. I’m sure Kim follows the cooking with mindful eating. Yum! Great idea Kim.