Samskaras are the impressions of past experiences. Like habits they build up slowly, deep below the surface, like sandbanks, and like sandbanks they can be washed away and can reform as a new habit. When they are above the surface everyone can see them and avoid crashes. Take the example of boozing, you drink too much, you’ve built up that samskara or habit. People can see it and can choose to avoid you or embrace you. Your parents told you to brush your teeth, you resisted at first but many years later with a powerful samskara in place you miss that minty, clean  hit of a good brushing if you forget or can’t get to brush at that moment.

At this point I need help from a Richard Freeman quote:-

“Usually there’s about a three-month love affair with yoga. ‘I feel so good.’ After about two months of practice, people think they are practically enlightened. Then usually around the third month, something happens and the yoga actually starts to work. And the first thing the ego structure does is to look for an escape route. People start heading for the door just at the moment when they should stay.”

Yes, after a while yoga starts to work on your sandbanks, your deep mental and physical habits and you start to question those habits, some of which may have been hidden under the surface for years. Painful? Could be. Liberating? Hopefully. Either way your ego will be in a tailspin screaming, “No, no, not that, please not that comforting habit,no!”

Then if ego wins you head for the door. Yoga is a tough road, choose wisely…