Well its nearly the end of week four of our twelve week salute to the sun project.  Time to assess how it’s all going.

  • Started to feel much energised from week one. I was beginning to feel very winter lazy, wanting to eat potatoes, cream, chocolate, cake, any sort of comfort food. Started to want to stay in bed instead of going for a run, or going out bird watching. The salutes have blasted me through that phase. Feeling active and energised right now.
  • Feel that by week four students should be finding their own rhythm and learning the routine, owning it. Will continue to call it until I’m struggling…
  • Thanks to Anne for the alternative sequence without sprinter. Good for people with knee problems who want to get fitter. This modified sequence is symmetrical, it has no right and left, so it could be done as one sequence equivalent to normal left/right sequence, i e if you do six repeats of modified version it would be like 3 normal salutes.
  • Salute is definitely not ancient, probably from the sixties(20Century that is!)If you have any information of earlier incarnations let me know. There’s a challenge for you. Mysore Palace, Krishnamacharya would be my guess, then blasted is USA in sixties.origin-of-suryanamaskar-500x356
  • Philip Xerri’s salute is part of a developing pranayama practice to enhance lung function. It is a sequence stripped to basics of the salute. Once twelve salutes have been done it’s time to move onto the double in breath, double out breath version. See me when you are there.
  • Please don’t feel that you have to salute. It’s not for everyone. You could have an extra stretch, spend extra time meditating or just enjoy the efforts of our saluters.
  • Evening classes, if you are having trouble sleeping because of salutes then make them part of a short morning practice. Some people are very sensitive to evening exercise. I’m trying to place them near the start of class to give time to settle. Just do one to keep up with the spirit and complete the rest next morning.

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