Just done my first website in WordPress. I’ve always enjoyed doing my own sites from scratch. When I first said I wanted to build a site someone gave me a copy of Dreamweaver. I loaded it up, full of enthusiasm. As soon as it appeared on screen I knew it had to be abandoned asap. Far too complicated.

Next I tried Mozilla which was WYSIWYG and suited me for several years. I didn’t want a slick website for yoga, i wanted a home made look and if you ever saw my Mozilla sites, home made was exactly what I managed.

Next step up was Webplus x6 by Serif. Worked well, not intuitive with so many menu layers but could add maps and was WYSIWYG.  Once you’ve bought the programme Serif  keep phoning you up to sell you the latest upgrade and this is annoying, especially the line, “I’ll just talk to my manager to see if we can do a special deal.”  Rubbish.

Someone mentioned WordPress to me but my first impression was one of confusion. A few weeks ago I did  a 2 hour course with Tuhel Miah in Beeston at Tiger 11. Things started to make sense and I went on to produce my first WordPress website. Not perfect by any means but a few steps up from my Mozilla sites and more complex than Webplus. So much to learn but I can recommend WordPress for your next website building experience.