More than just a coffee table book, a genuinely useful guide that will soon have tattered edges through use

A book ‘written in the style of a training manual’, Lexie Williamson’s# for Cyclists is a book all cyclists should have.

As someone who already does yoga, I thought the appeal of this book was huge. Often after a ride, a few stretches is something most of us will do, and yoga goes beyond that. Very much written like an instruction manual, the book contains good descriptions and photography to explain everything to the reader.

Lexie Williamson is a very qualified yoga instructor and specialises in yoga for cyclists and runners. Her knowledge is shown throughout the various chapters of the book.

It can seem a little daunting at first, even for those who have done some yoga before. Like most instruction books, it takes a little practise to fully understand what you are being asked to do. From breathing technique to on bike stretches, the book appears to cover everything.

I thought the layout was a little strange as I worked my way through the various poses. I had to keep stopping to turn the pages to get from one pose to the next, but as I said above, the more you do it, the more familiar it becomes.

At the rear of the book are a few ‘flow’ sequences that are much easier to follow once you have mastered some of the technique of the individual positions. These flows are faster moving and are great post ride stretches. The book offers a variety of flows from ones that assist back pain to quad strengthening. Of course they are not limited to post ride only and are actually great to do on non ride days too.

The final chapters cover concentration and recovery yoga. The book wants to help ‘tame your monkey mind’. In other words help you focus your mind on the task at hand rather than having random thoughts. I found this chapter particularly useful because it’s really easy to let your brain run away from what you are actually doing. Small improvements in concentration really do help you cycle better.

The book offers a great deal of instruction and each chapter starts with a summary of why it’s important and the thinking behind it. A really good read that will improve your riding.


More than just a coffee table book, a genuinely useful guide that will soon have tattered edges through use



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